ciao, bella

whew. what a day. i put in 11 hours today and 10 yesterday. overtime, baby. well, more than that, actually, since i get paid time and a half for anything over 8 hours a day. i came home and took a bubble bath to decompress. i’m still a bit wound up, though. maybe it’s that strong cup of coffee i had right before i left…hmm…

the other day i ordered a bunch of used books from amazon dot com. they started coming yesterday. i love getting packages in the mail. today i got two packages: a book and a sweater that i had also ordered. the sweater is a baby cable knit pomegranate red cashmere and is delish. i will be wearing it tomorrow for sure.

today i was extra sassy in a flared black skirt, knee high black pointy toe boots and a crisp white button up shirt with the just the right amount of buttons unbuttoned. to top it off, i had a black and white checkered wool coat on. i got several sassy comments today, so that was a lot of fun.

i had lunch with once of my friends, who i am SO proud of. she has been working incredably hard to loose weight and told me today that she has lost a total of 38 lbs since she started. she was just glowing. she is just under 200 lbs now and has said this is the first time in almost 7 years she has been this weight. she is an inspiration to me. her secret to sucess is eating right and getting enough excercise. she totally has her splurge days, but makes up for it by eating right and working out a little more the few days after.

she is even going to get certified to teach spin classes at our gym. ha. i say ‘our gym’. like i ever go. like i even remember where it is.

i went to tower records the other day and since the store in town is closing, everything was 40% off, so i got a few things. i know, i know. big surprise there. i got norah jones’ new album ~ okay, last year new ~ the clash and the first karate kid movie for c. at another store i got a cool french cd that i’m listening to right now. it’s one of those putumayo world music cd’s and it’s really good. the first son, au cafe de la paix by thomas fersen is my favorite, but they’re all really good.

i also got a great card in the mail from another girlfriend. i LOVE getting cards in the mail, almost as much as i LOVE getting packages. well, no, i like getting cards better since i usually have paid to have the packages sent and the cards came to me for free. i love sending random cards so it’s really great to recieve them, too. thanks, sally!

oohhh…c is home with pizza!!!


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  1. Posted by kate on November 18, 2006 at 9:24 pm

    I love meme’s I may use it today!
    Post a photo of the sweater (idk what it will lool like but the color name is delicious!! *wink)if you can! I am so envious of your getting to wear fall/winter clothes! Its just too hot down here. Actually we are having a bit of a cold spell so I might break out my boots today too! No cashmere for me though! lol

    cheers! Kate

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