what next?

just in case i haven’t stated this enough, i really hate my job. oh, you want another example? okay. so i was off the past two days and when i got in today, i had 32 random emails from work. that’s a lot, especially considering i work at a freaking resturant in a hotel, and none of the emails were in regards to reservations.

anyhow, one email in particular announced a training session about tea. yes, tea. i politely declined, saying that i would have to miss the ever exciting session due to my parents being in town that day and because so, i have the day off.

now mind you, i see my parents about one a year. maybe twice. this would be one of those two times a year and they will be here next week for thanksgiving. this training session is next tuesday. this is the response back i got:

That is a shame that you will miss this 90 minute training class regarding Tea, seeing as Tea is a key part of breakfast service – please ensure as many of your team attends as possible so this opportunity is not wasted.


not only that, but it was also cc’d to my boss and the night time supervisor. all i have to say, is wtf?!


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  1. Posted by kate on November 18, 2006 at 9:31 pm

    yea… my first thought was that the ‘tea’ was a version of the English tradition and it is somewhat of a process… but not for breakfast tea. Did you fire back an email listing what terribly productive things you were doing during the 90 minutes? lol Ohhhh or return to everyone and tell him that you sent whomever you sent/or are sending whomever you are sending and but needed to delegate that time to them as you were working on something else that was of utmost importance to breakfast… Perhaps quoting the amount of business that tea accounts for in your book of business… ie you sell 100$ of tea but $1000 of something else so you were focusing on that… or training the staff on that or or or…

    Boy I dont miss corporate politics AT ALL!!

    Good luck and I agree you need a new job! lol ya looking around?

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