a series of random sentences

yay! i have today off. aren’t you all jealous? no, probably not, because you all had a normal weekend off. i’m SO over working weekends. and holidays. i’m looking for a new job pronto. now if only i didn’t trash my other computer that had my resume on it…

it’s rainy and cold outside today. a perfect day to stay inside with the cat and a tasty cup of coffee in a special mug that my friend jsco sent me.

i have a load of laundry going, so at least i feel a bit productive this morning. i went to the grocery store yesterday and cleaned the bathroom, so that’s two less chores for me to do today. i have to pay the dreaded bills, though.

another sucky thing about having days off that no one else does is just that ~ no one else has the same days off as me so i have no one to hang out with.

but, i do get to sleep in, so that’s good.

i’m on a new makeup kick right now. i went shopping with my girlfriend when i was home last week and got some great new powder. it makes such the difference! i’m really amazed. i totally feel like a new woman when i wear it. okay, maybe that’s going a little far….but it does make me feel good and looks very natural. my friend also turned me on to black nail polish. i am going to get some today. i have been seeing it around in ads and such, but she was the one who really pointed it out to me. i’ve been wearing vamp, by chanel, which is the original dark red color, but i’m ready to go black.

i also bought a new perfume when i was home. coco mademoiselle by chanel. it’s scrumptious. i had been wearing kate spade for a while now, so it was time for a change. i LOVE the new perfume. i’ve never owned chanel before. it was such a treat! my mom wears no.5 on special occasions, so it definitly felt decadent to purchase chanel. i have gotten so many compliments since i bought it, which feels so good.

daytime tv is SO bad, but i just can’t seem to turn it off. there’s nothing but bad talk shows ~ the one that i am currently watching has cheaters trying to make up to their partners by doing stupid things like walk naked in a sandwich board saying they cheated and are sorry ~ cheap insurance comercials, weight loss comercials and technical school comericals. sadly, the demographic that daytime tv is meant for is just the type of people i work with. just add a bad grammar commercial and we’d be all set.

yeah…bad grammar. that is the worst! there is NO excuse for bad grammar. bad spelling, now that’s a bit different. i don’t spell so swell and i know it. but, i always use spell check when i can, especially with work emails and documents. it’s so amazing to me that the people i work with just don’t get it. it’s so bad. and while i write with lower case here, i never do that at work. e.e. cummings wrote entirely in lower case, but that was his thing. writing in lower case in a professional environment is just not okay.

okay, enough of that rant!!!

the kitty wants to cuddle and is making typing a bit difficult.


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