it is so friggen cold today. i just checked weather dot com and it says it’s 29 outside right now. and it’s only supposed to get into the low 60’s later today. my car was coated with frost this morning. thick frost, at that. brrrrr. good god it’s cold! i’m so not ready for the cold.

yesterday i was so tired when i got home from work, that i took a nap. this nap was out of control, as i didn’t get out of bed until 5:45 this morning! wtf was wrong with me? i was out! c checked on me a few times because he was worried. that was so weird that i slept so long. but i guess i needed it. i guess everything has caught up with me. i feel good today, though. i even slept with my contacts in and i NEVER do that. even when i was drinking, i took them out. i still don’t know how i managed to do that at time though, especially in a blackout…but i digress…

my boss is gone for 2 weeks now…yipee! he’s off getting married and going on a honeymoon and will have no access to anything here. hopefully things will be just fine while he’s gone. i still am keeping my ears and eyes out for any other opportunities that may come my way. staying here for much longer is definitly not in the cards for me.


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