i set my alarm super early this morning and set the coffee maker on automatic, but i STILL didn’t get out of bed. atticus has snuggled himself under the covers with me and i SO didn’t want to get out of that comfyness.

so i didn’t.

i got to work a few minutes earlier ~ but still later than i should have~ but that was fine. i did have every intention of getting here much earlier, but alas, i did not.

since i do not have a lot to do after the resturant (will i ever spell that word right!?) i tend to leave way before 8 hours are up. i do try to milk the time clock, but i can only stay here so long. grrr.

i did chat with a friend yesterday about doing some pr work for her and that just may be the ticket. she’s trying to get her business up and running a bit more ~she’s a one woman show right now~ and asked if i could help here with my mad communications skills, which would be most delightful. she said she would pay me a commission on each new client i got for her. we are going to sit down this weekend and discuss the details. this is definitly something exciting for me and a place to show off my mad skills.

or so i hope.

tonight c and i are going to drive to the coast to meet some of his friends from college for dinner. that should be fun. his friends have rented a house for the weekend, but since i have to work today and tomorrow morning, we aren’t able to stay, which is fine by me. those cats drink a lot and that would be a bit much for me to be around all that action. dinner will be more than enough.

tomorrow i got invited to a candle party. sort of like a tupperware party, except they push candles on you. i’ll probablly go for the girlie time, but won’t buy anything, especially since money is really tight right now.


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