stinky kitty messes and karma

my cat has the runs. ewwwww. this morning when i got up at the crack of dawn and turned on the light in the office where my closet is, i saw his smelly work of err…art. two works of art, actually. right next to his clean litter box. the very box i had cleaned right before i went to bed last night. grrr. but, being the evil little person that i am, i left his art and got ready for work. i left his mess for c to clean up while i was at work. well, all worked out….or so i thought. when i got home a little bit ago, atticus had crapped again. this time, on the other side of the room. and this time, his splats were like the first two combined. talk about karma getting back to me!

but poor little guy!!! having the splats sucks. no more wet can food for him. he’s back on the dry kibble stuff.

but still, SO GROSS. and now, since we live out in the country a bit, we have a bunch of flies in the house. very entertaining for atticus, very annoying for me. luckily the weather is nice out so i can keep the window open so the house doesn’t smell anymore.


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