it was a LONG day today

i am so friggen tired of the place i work. the whole company. the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

i had a big sit down with my boss today to discuss an email i sent him on monday. i told him my grievances and things that i wanted to change. he told me my email was innapropriate and very defensive. innapropriate, no. defensive, yes. he told me that the resturant (i ALWAYS spell that work wrong!) that i work at is know for its 5 star dinner and that the breakfast that i manage is merely an amenity for the guests who stay at the hotel.


i mean, i know dinner is way better than breakfast, but our breakfast is still damn good. and when i refered to the morning crew as the ‘red haired step child’ he agreed with me. great. just what kind of job i want to have. to feel second best and to have others agree with me. yes, our dinner is awesome. yes, our chef makes GREAT food. and thank god he isn’t a pompus fool like my boss, but good lord. give me some friggen credit, damn it.

i have been updating my resume and am going to be putting in my resignation soon. oh, and the straw that broke the camel’s back? my colleague is taking 10 days off, then my boss is taking 2 weeks off and when i asked for the 3 days off before thanksgiving because my parent’s are coming to visit, i was told no. besides, i am tired of working weekends and getting to work before the sun comes up. oh, and i’m surfing the crimson wave right now, so it’s not helping my mood, either.

on another note, i am really looking forward to ‘running with scissors’ coming out tomorrow. i haven’t been to the movies in forever, so i am going to make a great effort to see this one in the thearter. i read the book and really liked it. i really enjoy that kind of dark humor, and i love gweneth paltrow. and annette benning is pretty great, too.

speaking of books, i was at the bookstore in town today and inquired about nora ephron’s new book. the lady behind the counter told me i was too young to understand the book!!! that i shouldn’t read it until i’m at least 40 because it’s over my head. um…the book deals with a woman getting older, going thru menopause, ext. what?! how would that be over my head? i had to walk away from her before i smacked her upside the head. i know i look young, and being petite doesn’t help, but damn it, i’m 31. i’m not 19.

and the other day at work this old lady that i work with stopped me while i was talking to my girlfriend to tell me three times just how much weight i have appeared to have lost. i mean, i’m a small girl. when i started a year and a half ago, i weighed a bit more and i have since lost some weight. not a lot, mind you, but i guess enough for people to take notice. but it REALLY bothers me when people feel they have to tell me about it. and they don’t do it in a nice, complimentary way, either. to me, it would be just like telling someone who is heavy that they seem to keep gaining weight. it’s just not nice.

and the girlfriend i was with at the time is on the heavy side and she totally could understand where i was coming from. it’s just uncomfortable when someone feels they know you well enough to comment on things of such a personal nature. the old lady could have just said i am looking nice these days without even commenting on my weight. instead, she had to make us all feel uncomfortable.

my girlfriend here totally reminds me of my other friend at home, which makes hanging out with her that much better. they both are so bubbly and full of life. and kind. and warm. they both make me feel so good about myself. and they both play devil’s advocate so well. they have good voices of reason, without coming off as know-it-alls. i’m so glad i have both of them.

i’ll leave on a funnyish note…this morning, the chef at work asked me if i made good mochas. i told him i was still working on them, that i wasn’t that good. so i made him one. it was SO bad. but he was SO kind about it. i’m still embarassed, though. i really have to work on them… least my foam was good!!!

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  1. Posted by Anonymous on October 29, 2006 at 3:02 am

    This blog reminded me of that song Ya had a bad day… lol I forget who sings it…

    Ok 2 thoughts,

    1. Go over your bosses head and hand his boss a proposal (or do it through him first telling him that you are going to contact his boss but didnt want to go over his head with out talking to him first) that outlines exactly what you need to do to make the breakfast meal a valuable sibling… There are many places where the brunch on the weekend is more popular than the dinners… perhaps look to some of them for ideas… we has a few places where you got a discount on a certain day if you wore your pj’s (like every 3rd sunday) and it was huge with families… come up with something and market it to him.

    2. Look hard for another job. I think the service industry is notorious for long hours and taking lots of crap. You need to find another place that will appreciate your efforts and the fact that you really care about your job!

    Good luck!
    I am enjoying the book I am reading now.. eat love pray…

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