i’m back…did ya miss me?

okay, okay. i know it’s been a really long time since i have posted. i am still alive, and still doing okay. i just have been so busy, and without a computer at home, it has been a bit difficult to post. that, and i have been exhausted.

for several days now, i have had to be at work at 5 am, which is so god awful early for me. and, the days that i have had off over the past two weeks have been so insanley busy, i haven’t even had time to check my email. work has been keeping me on my toes and i don’t have much time online there either, as i’m not awake enough at 5 am to post anything but mush, and by the time i do have access to a computer, there are always people in the office, so i can’t post. whew.

but thank you, wushi, for checking on me and reminding me to post. 🙂

i have today and tomorrow off and am free to do whatever i please. i don’t remember the last time i had absolutely no plans on my days off. i can actually pick up clothes i took to get altered almost 3 weeks ago and go to the grocery store, which i have been putting off for ages. i also need to get a few packages in the mail. i slept in until 6:30 am, and deciding that was way too early, i went back to sleep until 8:30 am.

c made bad coffee ~ he makes it really, really, strong ~ so i could only drink a little of it. i’m going to hit starbucks in a bit. yay.

i’m at the library right now and just remembered that i have an overdue book at home. grr. i haven’t even read it yet!

we went out to dinner last night with c’s parents and granny as it was his mom’s bday. the food was absolutely fantastic. i was so impressed, as was everyone else. but, the totally embaressing part was when the bill came. see, we went to the place that i work at and we totally got the hook up. it was great. it was awesome. when it was all said and done, the bill was tiny. so much was comped. it was great…but…my father in law gave a totally tiny tip. it was SO embarrassing. he based the tip on the amount of the adjusted check, rather than what the check should have been. i know he didn’t do it on purpose, but still. when i go back to work on friday, i’m going to adjust the tip. i’m so glad i caught it, though. eeek! i’m still embarressed. hopefullly my server realizes that i didn’t pay the bill…

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  1. Posted by Sally on October 19, 2006 at 5:15 am

    good to see you back…i was starting to get worried and i was going to email to check on you today, but the day is flying by…so it’s good to see you back!

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