perception sucks

today was a rather annoying day. i got in trouble for a lame reason. a boss from another department walked into my department and decided i wasn’t where i was supposed to be and took it upon himself to complain about me to my boss as well as to one of my friends ~ yes, one of my friends. my friend does happen to work directly for this other boss and the boss commented to my friend that i seem to be visiting frequently, which is so not true, and thankfully my friend stood up for me and said as much ~ and annoyingly enough, i was actually doing work when he saw me where he thought i shouldn’t be.

i just hate it when people micromanage situations, especially situations in which they are not in charge of. this particular man is just a bitterman. i have never seen him smile in the year and a half i have been working there. and my current boss has been grumpy for the past few days which has not been helping things either. he didn’t even stand up for me today when the other boss complained about me, and that’s so not okay. he told me it was the other guy’s perception. fuck perception. that is the lamest excuse out there!

i swear, i have been thrown under the bus at this place more than at any other place i have ever worked. i just don’t get it. i do nothing to these people. i stand up for myself here more than i have anywhere else, too, and that just seems to get me nowhere either. grrrrr!

so, i left work with a huge headache and went to get a massage. i called this little place in town and as luck would have it, they were able to get me in about 30 minutes after i left work, which was perfect. i even fell asleep during my massage. it was great.

my cher at work has been so distant lately. i know i was distant to him for a short while and i hope he’s not trying to get back at me. i know it’s really busy right now for him, but he seems distracted. he’s still really friendly when i’m around, but i sometimes get that feeling that something else is going on in his head. i hate that his boss thinks i visit too much. now i won’t go there at all. i don’t want to get either of us into trouble, plus there is another guy in his area that whenever he sees me, thinks he has to come over and talk to me and i’m so not interested in engaging with him. it sucks because i really like two of the other people my cher works with and i would usually go up and say hello and to see what time they would be taking their break, but now i will not do that. i guess the good part is i won’t see the other guy as much. a few months ago i went out with my cher after work, just to an outdoor cafe in town, but it was so nice. i wish we could go again.

i can’t find the litter box scooper so i can’t change the box. it’s stinky. atticus had the run and it splattered on the side of the box. and he threw up on the floor a little, but that i cleaned up. i wonder where c put the scoop. he’s out of town so i can’t ask him ’cause he’s probablly in bed already.

speaking of which, i’m going to go to bed and read for a while.

perhaps tonight i’ll dream that i’m in the french countryside. that would be nice.

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