from decadent to disaster

yesterday when i got home from work i needed some quiet time, so i took a long, luxurious bubble bath. i sat in there for close to an hour, and it was decadent. i used fancy shampoo and conditioner, did the works on my face ~ cleanser, scrub, mask ~ the shaved my legs, under my arms, used a sugar scrub all over, then soaked some more.

when i got out, i did more decadent treatment to my face with all sorts of potions, then, decided it was time to give myself a bikini wax.

that’s when things turned from decadent to disasterous.

i had bought a home waxing kit from bliss and followed the directions and was pretty proud of myself for being so brave. until i pulled off the first strip. holy crap it hurt! so, needless to say, i only peeled off a small portion of unsightly hair from my neather regions. in two small spots.

i spent the rest of the evening whimpering in pain from my tramatic experience. so much for being brave.

i guess i will have to live with other people giving me pain rather than giving myself the pain, because there’s no way i’m going to try that again or go without a bikini wax for much longer.
ah, beauty is pain.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by kate on October 8, 2006 at 6:32 am

    never having gone down that route (hehehehe) I have wondered if the results last long enough to warrant all that pain… hummm

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