every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end

my two days off were a blur. on wednesday i went to the east bay to get my hair done. i love it. but, i was on the road for a while so i was a bit drained when i got home. that evening i made an awesome dinner ~ spaghetti and homemade meat sauce ~ and we went to a meeting.

yesterday i got up early, well not that early, but still, it was my day off so it was early. i went with c to the class he teaches at the university in the valley. it was so cool to see him teach. i even learned some things. after class and office hours were over, we went to the east bay and bought his beloved 1984 toyota land cruiser. it really is a fun car. and we paid cash for it, so that’s even better. we totally drained our savings, but at least we don’t have to make car payments. but now we’re a 3 car family. luckily, all of the cars are paid for. my saturn keeps going, and going, and going. one day i hope to upgrade. i’d really like an audi. c has a trail blazer, which i think will become mine pretty soon. it’s a pretty sweet ride, but i’m much more of a car person than an suv person. we’ll see. maybe i can talk him into trading in one of the cars…

we went to dinner last night to celebrate the purchase of the car. he is so friggen excited. i’m glad for him, though.

work has been annoying today. there is such a lack of communication here that it drives me nuts. no one is accountable for what they do and i hate that more than anything. i totally admit when i am wrong and always try to make things right. people here just love to assume things and are ready to point the finger whenever something goes wrong. so many people i work with are in a perpetual state of grumpiness that it just brings the rest of us down. i try to ignore those folks, but it’s not always that easy. but, at least i don’t work with the majority of them anymore!!!

i forgot my name tag today and one of my many bosses noticed right off the bat. luckily, i have a friend who works here with the same first name and borrowed a name tag from her. since i’m in a management position (and luckily so is she) i also have my last name on my name tag, but i get to be her today. heh heh heh.

while i was in c’s class yesterday and wanted to be back in college myself, i pulled out my ipod and listened to music from my college days. one of my favorite songs, closing time, has such a great line “every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end“. i don’t think i ever really paid attention to that lyric before, but that makes so much sense. i was in such a state yesterday with all my nostalgia. life was so simple when i was back in college. my big concerns were if i was going to make it to class on time and if the cute boy that i liked would notice me. i guess now i could adjust that a bit to worrying if i make it to work on time and if the cute boy at work will notice me ~ i haven’t heard from my chere today, so no, he hasn’t noticed me ~ but, unfortunately, those are far from my only worries now. but that’s not to say that i’m only worried about things. i just mean that life is so much more complex than it was in my early twenties when i was more carefree and didn’t have any real concerns in life.

ah, well, that’s what memories are for.


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  1. Posted by kate on October 7, 2006 at 3:56 am

    that is a great line. I guess it is a bit self serving as it rationalizes ‘endings’ for us. In reality new beginnings can be segregated from other beginnings end. I often rationalize the thing I most regret (to date) in my life by saying ‘if I didnt do xxx then I wouldnt be where I am right now’ but in reality, who knows! I may have ended up in just the same place via a different path or even ended up in a better place! (or worse for that matter) I didnt do something I should have because I was afraid of failing so I took the safe way out.

    Thanks for the comment today too btw… you made me laugh calling me ‘darling’ like you were 100 years old granny! hehehe

    have a great weekend!


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