tough poop

i’m a little punk today…heh heh heh. as usual, i had a hard time getting up for work this morning so i had to rush around a bit. well, as i went into our home office, where atty’s litterbox is, i noticed that he pooped a huge pile next to the box as he is pretty much out of litter in the box.

well, i didn’t get mad at him as he’s out of litter, but, i just left it all there for c to clean up. since he pooped in the middle of the night sometime, the poop is hard, so it won’t be that hard to clean up. but, since c never ever cleans the litter box or does anything besides play with the cat, i figure it’s time that he learns to take care of the little guy. sure, he’ll be pissed, but so what. i’m always the one that cleans up. besides, he’s not doing anything today, well, besides hunting, and i have to work all day.

yes, i am happy with myself for my behavior this morning. heh.

One response to this post.

  1. The best way to teach anyone responsibility is to have that person do things themselves. He might get mad… but only for a little bit šŸ˜‰

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