it’s wednesday…but it’s my monday

i’m all thrown off today. i had yesterday and monday off and i keep forgetting what day today is. but, at least it’s slow at work today and we’re not running around crazy like we were last week.

my 2 days off were delicious. i really didn’t do much. i did errands and hung out at home. flowergirl delivered flowers yesterday so i have some pretties in my home. today i was supposed to fire someone, but she didn’t come in, again. i play voice mail tag with her constantly and it’s getting really old. legally you can’t fire someone unless you have their final paycheck in hand, so i can’t even fire her over the phone. oh well.

i had another glad that was a real problem child and she quit the other day, with no notice, but we’re very glad she’s gone. she took the real lame way out ~ she called the hr deptartment when she got home and quit that way. whatever. she was a bad seed. now we are way understaffed but the staff that we do have is so much happier. i know everything will work out just fine.

my mil is driving me nuts, again. she asked me via email the other day where i wanted to go to dinner for my birthday. c also told me that his folks will be out of town for most of next week, so i suggested monday night. fine. i also suggested two places in town that i like and said that either of them work fine and i was flexiable on time. she emailed me back to say that i needed to pick which place. i don’t know why i get so frustrated at this…maybe i figure she just needs to make a decision and go with it. but no. that’s somehow too difficult. so, i called and made a reservation myself and sent an email out to everyone telling when and where we are going. at least c made reservations by himself for the two of us for sunday night (my actual birthday). still can’t believe i’m going to be 31.


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