happy afternoon

i had the best afternoon yesterday. one of my favorite girlfriends, A came to visit and we had the best time. i had to deal with some personnel issues at work, so she got to my house before i did, but c was being charming and entertaining her. we sat and chatted for a while with c and she loved atticus (of course!). she gave me a birthday present…a bottle of yummy apple/grape sparkling cider and a really pretty watch. it was so thoughtful. we then headed out to coffee and sat and chatted for a really long time. several other friends from town happened to wander into the coffee shop, so that was fun as well. A and i headed into town and wandered around a bit then settled at a tasty resturant (sp?) with front patio seating, so we could people watch. it was great. we were there for a few hours as well. we chatted and chatted and chatted. it was great. now i’m at work and hopefully today will go by fast as i have the next 2 days off!!!


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