slow times

allrighty. i am sick and tired of being crabby and whinny. i will whine no more! harumph!

it took me oh, 45 minutes to wake up this morning. i hit my alarm 5 times. no bueno. i was 15 minutes late to work today. well, 12, actually, but whose counting…

today is really slow so i am just doing paper work and working on next weeks schedule. i’m working a few closing shifts next week so i will get to sleep in. woo hoo! but one day i will work a close then an open, so that should be interesting.

and next sunday is my birthday. 🙂 yay! not that i have anything planned, but still. birthday’s are fun.

i made a latte this morning. i just learned how the other day and it’s pretty exciting. i can now make lattes and capacchinos (sp?). tasty!

okay, gotta get some work done…

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