i am so pissed right now. we live on a corner lot with a redwood tree and an elm tree being our only protection from the busy street we are on. the elm tree is my most favorite tree. it is so big and pretty. this year we have set a table out underneath it and it’s great. both of the trees help as sound bariers and shield us from the road as without them, we would be out in the open. well, c just came home from hunting with his friend, who is now on my shit list. he has been dangerously close for some time now, and now he has a firm hold on it. he has called our landlord and has told her the elm tree has got to go because it block his view as he drives down the road (he is a farmer and drives a big rig during harvest). muther fucker. and she okayed it! i am so red with anger right now. i cannot believe he did this. i almost threw the glass i was holding when c told me. i cannot even believe that we are going to loose our gorgeous shade tree because of this asshole.


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  1. Posted by October on August 29, 2006 at 11:16 pm

    Why does he have a say in where the trees grow? Who the hell is he? And why did your landlord say it was okay? Is he going to pay for its removal? What about property value? Did anyone explain to her that by removing a tree from her property she will actually lose value in her house and land? And why would C listen to him over you? Why are you with C, exactly?

    Geez, I don’t live there and I’m upset just listening to it. I’m going for a BigMac. I apologise if any of my comments are out of line; it’s just so upsetting to hear stuff like this.

  2. Posted by shell on August 30, 2006 at 12:02 am

    this guy has been a thorn in my side for a while and it’s really sad. he used to be c’s best friend and has totally changed these past few years, especially since he’s gotten married. this tree issue is the last straw for me. i told c that his friend is no longer welcome at our home. this guy is trying to be a big fish in a small pond and is pushing everyone away.

    i have real issues with our landlord for okaying this project as well, but she also called us one day a few weeks ago to tell us that our house was being painted that very day, so she’s not the most thoughtful person either. i swear, the people in this town are nuts.

    i just can’t believe c would have a friend that would pull something like this. he said that he and his friend have never had a fight in all the years they have know each other and they actually fought over this last night.

    and to answer your question, october, i ask myself that very question over and over. and sadly, i don’t have an answer.

  3. Posted by sco on August 30, 2006 at 12:39 pm

    Wow – this really stinks. I’d be SUPER mad too!!!

    But… let’s remember
    1. KARMA is a BITCH
    2. What goes around comes around

    Possible Elm Tree Solutions
    1. Chain yourself to the tree – couldn’t get to work – but would definetely give a good message
    2. Light candles around the tree – could start a fire – bad idea
    3. Formulate a “Save the Elm” Coalition – maybe it’s old enough to be historical or something
    4. Kick the Elm Tree Hater’s ass – too much trouble

    this message has been brought to you by the super tired scolicious

    peace out

  4. Posted by kate on September 1, 2006 at 5:44 am

    that does stink… 2 thoughts, 1 can you call the landlord yourself and plead your case to perhaps just trim the thing? and 2 do you have any township regulations on removing trees there? Both here in FL and in PA there were strict regulations about that stuff. I would call your local commissioner and check. Ohhhh and I thought of a 3. How about telling the landlord that the guy is a schmuck and if your tree goes that he/she will have to protect your privacy with a fence or shrubs… think he/she will go for it? Ok perhaps you may need to price out the fence and even offer to dig it in yourself if he pays for it… just a thought.

    Good luck!

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