the mountains and a big fat cat

so i’m back. did ya all miss me? 🙂 it was so good to be away. i wish i wasn’t back…at work, that is. we got back yesterday afternoon around noon. i went and got a mani/pedi and an eyebrow wax to get all cleaned up. i was a mess!

the weather at the cabin was beautiful but so incredably dry. i could barely wear my contacts, my eyes were so dry. luckily, i like my glasses a lot since i ended up wearing them most of the time. we took a few day drives, which was nice. we went to tiny gold mining towns and a few ghost towns. we had lunch at our favorite joint, the polka dot, and it was fantastic. we’ve been going to the polka dot ever since we started going to the cabin about 7 years ago. it’s this tiny hole in the wall greasy spoon hamburger shack in a tiny gold rush town in the sierras. the food is awesome and the scenery is breathtaking as we were in a valley of pine trees. everything was lush, green and fragrant.

we did a lot of fishing ~ mostly catch and release~ and took a ton of naps. the first night we were there, i slept for a glorious 12 hours. it was great. i napped pretty much every day out on the front deck. the only sounds were the pitter patter of little chipmonk feet scurring around for the treats we left them and birds chirping in the trees. the breeze would rush thru the trees, and that was a beaufitul sound. i sat for hours on the deck just reading and daydreaming.

the biggest surprise of all was when we got home. c’s parent’s had taken care of atticus while we were gone. the cat had gained a ton of weight! he’s huge now. i mean ginormous! he had to have gained at least 5 pounds. he really looks big. oh, and our kitchen floor was a disaster. i was so pissed. i had cleaned the house before we left because i hate coming home to a messy house, and the kitchen floor was just disgusting. it took me forever to mop it, and i will still need to clean it again when i get home today. i just don’t get it. whenever i take care of someone’s house, i totally leave it the way i found it, if not cleaner.

well, i’m starving. gonna go see what i can rustle up….

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