soo early

it. is. way. too. early. for. me. to. be. at. work. well, now it’s normal time, but i’ve been here since about 5:10 am. that’s WAY too early. i literally could not drag my ass out of bed. in fact, i got up at 5 am, the time which i was supposed to be here….but, luckily i just threw on some clothes, put in my contacts and was out the door. thank god i live close, there is no traffic that hour of the morning and that they coffee was already brewed by the time i got out of bed. why am i hear so early? oh, since i get to deal with a perpetually late colleague who i oversea. she’s supposed to be in at 5 am and has been repeatedly coming in closer to 5:30 or 6 am. today she waltzed in at 5:40 am. i told her i need a few minutes of her time, so i’ll wander over in a few minutes to chat with her about her tardiness. i mean hell, run a few minutes late, i understand that, but 30 minutes or more? daily? totally unaceptable.

we’re having friends over for a bbq later this afternoon. yesterday i did just fine without a nap (the first time that has happened in a LONG time, but today, there’s no way i’m going to make it without one). Luckily, the friends aren’t coming over until 3pm, so i’ll have more than enough time to nap and and get the house ready. i cleaned and did laundry yesterday after work, so all i’ve got to do is work on food stuff and wash off the outside furnature. then, if i’m feeling up to it, i’m going to wash my car that hasn’t seen soap and water since the rains were here in the winter. yeah, to say it’s a bit of a mess is a total understatement.

i’m going to treat myself to a facial and a haircut on tuesday. since my birthday is rapidly approaching, i feel it’s time to treat myself to something special that i usually don’t do. i’m off tuesday so that makes things that much sweeter. what would be really sweet right now, would be if i could go back to bed. ah, to dream.


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