strange times

so the oddest thing happened today. i was at work, chatting with a colleague, when mr. fp came up to me and asked to speak to me. i went over to him and he handed me a starbucks bag. inside was a brand spankin new travel mug and a gift card from my previous department. and everyone from that department had signed a little card wishing me good luck. then he gave me a hug. it was just wierd, really. nice, but wierd.

other than that, my day was pretty uneventful. oh. and c put in his resignation at work. yup. he will stay in his current position until dec. 31 then will be done with the business forever. it’s crazy to think that we moved here for him to work there, but i guess all things happen for a reason. he’s sent out his resume to a few places, so we’ll see what happens. he also has a teaching gig on the side, so we’ll see what happens with that as well.

tomorrow after i get off work we’re heading to his family cabin three hours north east of here. i’m sooo looking forward to getting out of dodge for a while. up there, we won’t have access to a computer and our cell phones won’t work either. i’m really ready for some peace and quiet. which reminds me, i really need to get to the bookstore this afternoon.

we’re heading out to some friend’s house for dinner tonight so i need to get to the grocery store as well, to pick up some stuff for a salad. my cher at work gave me some tasty treats for dessert so i’m all set. well, almost all set!

i won’t be back until next friday, so ciao until then, my sweets!


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  1. Posted by Sally on August 19, 2006 at 12:47 am

    So now you guys can come join us in KS! =) You don’t have to stay in Norcal anymore.

    Whatever happened with mr. fp telling you to stay home?

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