sunday, sunday, sunday!! (said in loud monster truck rally voice)

life is strange. i just spent the afternoon with a girlfriend and it was really nice. on the way out to see her, i listened to my ipod in the car and was transported to so many different places by the music that came out. it always amazes me how that happens. good memories and bad, they are all mixed together with music. many times i don’t even realize that a certain song will envoke an emotion until the emotion overwhelms me.

my friend and i spent that afternoon shopping and lunching. we went to il fornio, one of my all time favorite places. it was delish. we then went shopping and i was actually able to contain myself somewhat. i did make a few fun purchases, though. i even found a fun nailpolish that i have been looking for ~ vamp by chanel ~ it’s a deep burgundy that is said to be the original of the deep vampish colors and i love it. i’m going to bring it to the nail salon the next time i get my nails done.

i also got some fun new eye shadow and an eyeliner, a few pairs of sassy stockings ~ fishnet thigh highs ~ and 3 tops from h&m. my girlfriend got a fly new baby stroller for her baby on the way. she’s due in less than 2 months and she’s looks ready to pop. being preggers does agree with her as she looks great and has a fantastic glow about her. he’s so happy, too, which is so nice to see. since i’m not able to make it to her baby shower in a few weeks, i bought her a little gift today. i really like shopping for someone when they are with me. it’s so much for fun that way.

on my drive home, i realized that i have know my girlfriend for 11 years now. so much has changed since for both of us since we first met. she was the first friend i made when i moved away to college. i am such a different person now. she’s more grown up, of course, but i don’t know about different. she’s still very much the same. i don’t really think i would recognize myself anymore from back then. maybe in some ways, but definitly not in others.

i guess the one real constant in my life is that i’m always able to maintain my friendships. most of the girls i know have been friends with me for years now. if i do get out of touch with someone, it’s more that we’ve grown apart for a bit than anything else, but usually find our way back together. i have a pretty solid group of girlfriends, and for that i’m so thankful. the more i think about it, each of my long term girlfriends have been with me for something but none of them have been there with me for everything. it just proves my theory that we all have people in our lives for various reasons. this also goes along with my theory that no one needs to know everything.

c’est la vie!


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  1. Posted by Deepak Gopi on August 7, 2006 at 9:43 pm

    hi Shell
    nice to meet you
    It seems that you are a talented writer

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