the winds of change

there is an awesome breeze blowing thru my window. the air is fresh and crisp, with the scent of damp grass from the sprinkler. the wind chimes are dancing in the breeze as they tingle with delight. the fairy lights are twinkling and the sent of my dewberry candle that flowergirl gave me is floating across the room. it’s so peaceful in my room. the kitty is snuggled on the chair behind me. i love moments like this. it’s like nothing can go wrong and all is right with the world. or with my world, at least.

i was talking with a colleague today at work, one who i respect and enjoy talking to, and have decided to start doing yoga again. my work offers a class on monday evenings for colleagues and i’m going to start participating. i used to take classes a few years ago and really enjoyed them. plus, i used to be really flexible and now i’m just not anymore. hell, i can’t even touch my toes and i’m really short!!!

c just came in with a huge harvest from our garden. he harvested our first ear of corn, our first watermelon, a whole bunch of tomatoes and some cucumbers. mmmm!

i have this facination with the deep south, especially louisianna. i don’t know why and i have no idea what sparked this interest. something about the way things are down there. the scenery is beautiful; the bayous are full of mystery and the way spanish moss and old willow trees are everywhere. i also love the language of the creole folks. there’s just something so different about it ~ like they are in their own magical world. today i was looking up some french words and one of my favorites, mon cher, is derived from creole and i had no idea. there’s just something so romantic about french and so mysterious about the deep south.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kate on August 6, 2006 at 8:53 pm

    ok I had to comment at the little cartoon to the right with the stick figures…

    OMG!!! I really did laugh out loud! OMG too funny!!

  2. Posted by shell on August 7, 2006 at 1:44 am

    yeah, the make me laugh every time i look at them!!! 🙂

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