it smells like burn-ny

what a friggen day. again. i was ready to walk…well, i’ve been ready. i’ve had it. i went and talked to someone about a job in another department at work and we’ll see where that leads. i’m really tired of it all.

i’m supposed to meet with mr. fp tomorrow afternoon to chat about things and i’m afraid i might just walk out. i will try to restrain myself. i’m also going to talk to another friend, after lunch sometime, to see if we can come up with some sort of solution. i really don’t think there is one, but we’ll see what comes of our conversation.

i went home and had a total girlie afternoon. on my way home i had a cigarette, then when i got home, i sat in my underwear and a tank top, ate ice cream out of the carton and watched a britney spears movie. after my ice cream was done, i ate cheesy poofs. i don’t know the last time i did all that. it made me feel better, though.

c came home a little bit ago and had a bit of a day himself. we actually sat and talked about things for a while, which was really good.

i think something died under the house again, this time under my office, so it smells a bit in here. hopefully it’s the evil gopher that has been plaguing our yard and veggie garden. he has attacked our pumpkins and i think we might loose 2 of the 4 we planted and i’m SO bummed! damn gopher!!


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