i went to get my nails done after work today. i was hoping to get a nice, deep burgundy, but instead had to settle for something a hookerish purple. when i turned the bottle over to check out the actual color, it said kinky. nice. now i really feel like a hooker. only not.

i took c to get a pedi since his feet are so torn up due to running. he started to get fussy when i got the mani, but since i drove and had the car keys, he had to wait. it didn’t take long, but i swear the man has no patience.

i headed to the store and did our weekly shopping. i feel like i really didn’t get anything, yet still managed to spend $134. how does that happen?

one of my friends at work commented today that i’m a flirt. i know i am, but only in a good, non threatening way. but, his comment still stuck with me. i know that i flirt more when i receive positive advancements back, like a friendly smile or fun banter. i don’t get that flirting at home. i don’t get much affection at home. there’s no sweetness, no doing something for me just because, no kind words without a but follow up: you look nice today, but those shoes are tacky. thanks for doing the dishes, but you forgot to take out the trash. dinner was awesome, but you didn’t do the dishes.


it makes me sad, really.

but, i have started to make some friends here in town. flowergirl still remains a friend, and she’s great. i have two friends at work and they both told me how much they missed me when i was off for holiday. they even left me messages and we have lunch together. i have hung out with one of them outside of work and she’s great. we even figured out today that we wear pretty much the same size so we can share clothes, which is so great. i hope to hang out with the other one, too. sometimes we sing to our ipods at lunch. it’s great. each of us has an earpiece in and we sing out to each other. we don’t care what others think, even though they seem to get a kick out of us.

i’ve also made friends with two of the boys at work. we don’t hang out outside of work, but we’re definitly friends at work. both of them know about my sobriety and are both proud of me. i share stuff with them that i don’t share the others (except the girls i mentioned above) and they like me just the same. plus, we have similar humor and thoughts. it’s fun when they’re around as well, since they don’t take life so seriously. they both are at the top of their respective departments and you wouldn’t know it by talking to them since they are both so down to earth and normal. it’s so nice. they kind of make up for the boys i left behind at my old job. sort of, but not quite.

i’ve put my ipod on shuffle and i’m so enjoying the songs that are coming out. i have such a mix…it just went from duran duran to sarah mclachlin to a clip from office space about hawaiiain shirt friday to smashing pumpkins to leann rimes and now it’s on sublime. nice.


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  1. Posted by kate on July 19, 2006 at 9:35 pm

    isnt it interesting that nail color, or what underwear you are wearing, or even a good/bad hair day can totally make you FEEL a certain way! lol No one else may even notice or ever know… lol


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