nothing too interesting

our house is being painted. we got a call this morning a little after 7 am from our landlord. talk about no warning! she said she had some guys in town this weekend and would it be okay for them to come by. um…do we have a choice? c told her we had friends coming in for the weekend, so instead of having the house done sat/sun, they are working today/tomorrow. it’s a huge job since the house is really old and looks as though it hasn’t been painted in forever. they prepped the house today and will start on the painting tomorrow.

our friends are coming saturday afternoon. the guy (who is one of c’s grad school buddies) is doing a 60 mile bike ride on saturday and the girl (his wife) is running the half marathon with c on sunday. i can’t imagine riding 60 miles, or running 13 miles, but i’ll certainly be cheering them on! c and i will go to the finish line of the bike ride to meet up with them. we’re going to bbq saturday evening. hopefully the house will be all done by then.

i was supposed to go to the gym today, but took a nap, when i got home and slept thru the ‘kick ass’ class. whoops. i only woke up because c was leaving a message on the answering machine. i really hope my girlfriend isn’t too dissapointed in me…


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