back to work

i am at work and i DON”T WANT TO BE HERE. of course, nothing has changed, as i had hoped it might have. everyone is still their same ol’ stuffy, bitchy selves. new girl had gone thur a large order of supplies that i had placed and took tons of stuff for herself. yeah, some of it was for her, but for the most part, it was for the department. she was all snappy with me when i told her she had to give some of the stuff back. stuff she doesn’t even need. whatever. she’s trying to pull some seniority complex over me and it just won’t work, sistah~!

mr. fp is on his own holiday and won’t be back until the 21st. yay. i’ll be able to ease back into work much better without him hovering spastically around me.

i’m also glad it’s wednesday. so much easier to have a short work week coming off a nice long holiday.

flowergirl and i connected yesterday afternoon and she stopped by my house with beautiful flowers. she’s just the best. we sat and chatted for a while and atty just curled up next to her. a true sign that she has a wonderful heart.

dinner last night was good. steak good. mmmm. we had dessert at our place after dinner and atty curled up with granny. it was so sweet. c’s mom is an odd one, though. she seemed off, again, during dinner. she spilled a glass of wine and almost spilled a glass of water at our house. maybe she’s just distracted. maybe she’s just a mess. or a trainwreck.

i ordered a new suit from br right before we left (still haven’t mentioned that to c yet) and it came while we were gone. i’m wearing it today and it’s lovely. simple black, light wool and fully lined. i love br. i don’t have to try anything on there and it just fits. one i know my size, i’m good to go. the rest of my suits are all heavy wool, which just won’t work here in the summer. so now i’m all set. plus, i can wear this blazer with other slacks that i have. and now i can wear little cami’s under the blazer so i won’t get too hot. i still can’t get over the nylon thing, though. but i did feel better seeing all the gals working in hawaii wearing nylons….


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