happy 4th!

so i’m all packed and ready to go. i want to go now. but i guess i have to wait until the ungodly hour of 4:45 am when the shuttle to the airport is picking us up. i’m not even going to attempt to put my contacts in that early and will wear my glasses instead. luckily, i finally have a stylish pair. the flight is 5 hrs so i’ll hopefully get some good sleep on it, if i’m not too excited!

this morning we got up early and did a footrace. i ran a 3k and c ran a 10k. i ran the whole thing, which felt pretty good. there were a lot of hill in my short distance, but i was able to take them on. c did really well doing his 10k. he’s doing a 1/2 marathon on the 16th. i’ll be watching that one. just thinking about walking that many miles makes me winded.

we’re heading over to our friend’s house in a bit. actually, up to his ranch. we’re going to bbq under the oak trees then watch the fireworks. i have a cops marathon on in the background and it’s fantastic. i love watching cops. gotta get me some whisky tango whenever i can! heh heh.

i didn’t do much yesterday, having never gotten a call back from one of the aa gals i was suposed to hang out with. she’s flaked on me already 3 times. i seem to find the winners, that’s for sure! the meetings i go to are good, but getting together with these women outside the meeting is a different story entirely. but, i’m still feeling good about myself and will make a call if and when i need to. it seems every time i have a doubt, i run into someone in the program. before i could even consider taking a drink, someone magically apears and in the most random places, like at ride aid.

i just looked up the meeting schedule for oahu so we can hit a few when we’re there. there’s a whole bunch and some of them are even on the beach near our hotel, so we’re good to go. i carry around the 6 month chip one of my friends gave me and my new 9 month chip wherever i go so just in case i get a little squirley, i look at them or hold them and feel much better.

i’m gonna miss the kitty soo much! c’s folks are going to watch them. his mom stopped by today, without calling, and used the key to open our front door! um..wtf was that? that’s SO not okay. we were there, but both taking naps after beaing exhaused from our races this morning and she just let herself in! THAT CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN! what if we were doing something else????? grrr.

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