thank god last night is OVER

what a night last night turned out to be. i did some boring stuff at home like pay bills and such, then took a nap. luckily, one of my girlfriends called and the phone ringing woke me up. i didn’t answer her call because i had to head out to a meeting where i collected my 9 month chip. it was cool. one of my friends came just because i was going to get a chip. it was so nice of him. i felt really good and proud of myself.

then i drove home. (c had driven himself there because he had gone out to dinner before with a few guys to celebrate their sobriety bdays).

on my way home i got pulled over by the sherrif. it was awful. he was such an asshole. i was going 50 mph in a 55 mph zone, so i knew that part was fine. nothing was wrong with my car, so i knew i was fine there. my registration is all up to date, so i knew i was fine there as well. well this guy evidently had a big hard on for the law and had to show is lady partner how to do the job, so he pretty much harrased me. he accused me of being drunk and on drugs. i told him that i had just left an aa meeting where i had recieved my 9 month chip. he flashed his flash light all over my car and asked what perscription drugs i was on. i told him i wan’t on any and he since my purse was open on the passenger seat, he saw my anti anxiety meds and asked to see the bottle. i handed it to him and he harrased me about those. i told him i take those on an as needed basis, like asprin for a headache and it’s more psyosomatic that i have them with me anyhow since its been so long since i’ve actually taken one. he glared at me like i was lying to him. he flashed his flashlight around my car some more and got gruffy with me again. then he focused on my ipod, wanting to make a comment about that, but couldn’t come up with anything besides asking me if it was indeed an ipod. he snapped at me for my license and registration and left me to be shocked in my car. i totally lost it when he walked away. he really shook me up. he was even more pissed when he came back because i did absolutely nothing wrong. no tail lights were out. nothing is on my record. i wasn’t drunk. or on drugs. he snapped that i need to be more careful because he had pulled me over for a dui. well so sad for him, because i was totally clean.

i drove home very shook up. i just lost it. all i could do when i got home was sit at the kitchen table and cry. atticuls sat in my lap. i love that guy. i then ate a whole container of cottage cheese with pinapple. that was my dinner.

by the time c got home i was a little better. i told him what had happened and he was pissed. he said by the time he had passed the spot where i was pulled over, the sherrif had pulled someone else over. he said the sherrif was probablly even more pissed off by then since he had nothing on me so he had to let his anger out on another victim. i’m glad the night was over.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sco on June 30, 2006 at 10:05 am

    hey friend,

    ok so CONGRATS on your awesomeness – getting a 9 month chip ROCKS!

    And i am so bummed that a MORON had to ruin your special night. GEE WHIZ!!!

    Peace and smiles,

  2. Posted by shell on June 30, 2006 at 1:42 pm

    thanks, darlin! 🙂

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