is it friday, yet?

it just started raining here. not cats and dogs raining, but more like a heavy sprinkle. i like it; everything smells crisp and fresh outside. i hope it last for more than just a little bit…like the whole afternoon at least. wonder what c will do if he can’t water. HA.

i FINALLY got a cd drive installed on my laptop at work. (don’t even ask). so now i can play music at my desk, totally illegal at work, of course. i’m listening to the wedding singer soundtrack. music makes my life so much better.

speaking of illegal things at work, we were reminded once again that we are to wear hose anytime we wear a dress or a skirt, cover all visiable tattoos and wear closed toe/heal shoes. well, there goes my wardrobe, again. i had one exhillarating week of wearing skirts without hose. hose is evil. i will not conform, which is sad, because it is way too hot to wear hose so i can no longer wear skirts or dresses to work. and they want us to wear blazers if we are not wearing a button up shirt. hell no am i buying anymore clothes for this evil place. i have a few blazers but i will not wear them in 100 degree hit. we don’t have air conditioning, damn it! there is such a thing as being too conservative. hell, make us wear a uniform if it’s going to be like that.

okay, enough of my rant. the sun is out again and it’s only misting now. i’m going to go look for a rainbow.

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