hot hot hot

it was so friggen hot today. sweltering is more like it. i think it topped out at 105 this afternoon. way too hot. way too hot in a town that doesn’t have a lot of air conditioning. even my work is without. luckily, where i sit is nice and cool. but the rest of the property is steaming hot. my house was so hot when i got home this afternoon, too. poor, kitty! he was just flopped out on the kitchen floor when i came home. the garden was wilted, everything looked sad and drained of energy. but, luckily, the fog has rolled in this evening so it’s nice and comfortable outside. i have the whole house open and it’s slowly cooling down.

atticus now has a girlfriend. ida, the neighbors outside cat has discovered atticus, and vice versa. they have been sitting on either side of the window for the better part of the evening. it’s sweet, really. even when i was outside watering, ida was just laying under the window and barely batted an eye as i watered right next to her.

i’m so glad tomorrow is friday. i can’t wait to sleep in on saturday! getting to work at 7 am really kills me. even though i get off at 3:30 pm, and i can go home and nap, it’s just not the same as being able to sleep in, just even a little.


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