i’m such a rebel…

this morning i decided to wear a skirt to work sans nylons. i hate nylons more than anything in this world. they are an evil creation and obviously invented by a man. my work, however, requires that i wear them, unless i am wearing pants. yes, i work at a company who thinks we are still in the 1950’s. anyhow, since the weather will be in the 90’s today, i am not wearing hose. my skirt reaches just past my knees, so hopefully i will go unnoticed by most. i’ll just tell them that i’m wearing super sheer hose, so they have to look extra close to see it, and since no one will, i should be safe. except you can see my tatoo on my foot….

last night i went to the meeting that i detest going to. but, one of my friends asked me to go, so i did. i had to walk out; it was so bad. now i really won’t be going back. i will stick to my tuesday, wednesday, thursday with the occasional friday meeting schedule. i like those best and get the most out of them. and there is good sobriety at those meetings. tomorrow is 9 months sober for me. i can’t believe it. i really can’t. i feel like a totally different person. hell, i’ve even started running again!

over the weekend i bought a new book. yeah, i know, big surprise there! i’m really into this one, though. it’s about the authors adventures living in india (she’s from australia) and it is just facinating. i really want to travel to india one day. ever since college i have had a desire to go, yet i cannot find anyone who wants to travel there with me. i was first introduced to india in a woman’s literature class while at sf state. i have know a few people from there but have never asked much about their culture as most of them have grown up here in the states. one of my ex’s fraternity brothers is indian and recently had an arranged marriage, but i am not close to either of them anymore so i couldn’t ask for any details. one day i will get to india…

but now i am on a quest for more whipped cream for my coffee…


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