monday monday monday

mmm. knowing the right people is good. i just walked thru the pastry kitchen and was given a huge dollop of fresh whipped cream in my coffee. yum!

in other news, i have won the battle of keeping atticus in the house. he no longer is a garage kitty. i told c that atticus was to be trusted, and to stop caring so much about his stupid wood duck (a duck that he has stuffed that sits above the tv) and let the cat be. he has relented and now is glad the cat is inside. he even lets the cat sleep with us! i’m so surprised, actually. and his allergies aren’t bad at all. i knew he was being a snot about all of this. i’m glad i was able to prove him right, though. heh.

work is fine so far for today. mr. fp is a little better than last week, but not by much. he has another group coming later this week, so i know he will ramp up to super fussy in a few days.

we’re off to hawaii in 2 weeks from wednesday. i can’t believe it! i bought a new swimsuit (the black and white one) and a pair of flip flops (the sand design) this weekend. i still don’t know what i’m going to wear to the wedding, but it’s supposed to be super casual and on the beach, so i do have a few options all ready.

c was a bit of a pill yesterday. he just doesn’t know how to realx. he’s just so wound up all the time. work is pretty stressful for him, which i understand, but he just can’t seem to be at peace with himself. i’m really working on myself and am trying to be more understanding of him. i’m also trying to force him to relax. his family just doesn’t understand the meaning of the word so training him is a bit of a feat.

i started excercising yesterday. i ran a whole mile without stopping. my legs are killing me today. i signed up for a 5k race on july 16th, so i’ve got some time to get it all together. since the race is about 3.2 miles, i think i will be okay as long as i run a little bit each day until then. c will be running a half marathon (14.2 miles) that same day. he’s been training for a while now. 5k’s are just the right amount for me. especially since i’m so out of shape right now. i don’t think i’ve ever been this out of shape. it’s frightening to me, really.


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