a holy pilgrimage

I was just chatting with my cousin in Germany and he was telling me about a pilgrimage that he recently took part in. For those of you who can’t read German, here is a translation:

In the year 1330, a priest spilled the wine after it was converted to the blood of Jesus Christ on the white towel that always lies underneath the cup in the city of Walldürn(the final destination of the pilgrimage). When the liquid ran onto the fabric, it formed the Crucified Lord and 9 heads of Jesus with crowns of thorns.

The priest was so scared that he didn´t tell anybody and hid the towel. Right before he died, he told his story and the towel was found. In the 1960´s, scientists analyzed the towel and verified that it is not a painting and that the liquid formed the picture just by runing onto it. The Catholic Church acknowledged this as a miracle.

Since 1706 people from Fulda and Thuringa (two towns in Germany) are performing this pilgrimage to thank the Lord for saving them from disease. The distance between Fulda and Walldürn is 94 miles; the average daily distance to walk is 18 miles.

My cousin says it is a very emotional and fantastic event. All the people that come together are special and everybody takes care of one another. The pilgrimage only lasts for 4 1/2 days, but it feels as though you have been gone for half a year. This is the second year that he has taken part of this event. I hope to join him one year.


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