i miss living in LA. there’s just so much here. and some of close friends are here. we arrived last night and headed straight to my parent’s house to a typical dinner ~ neuernberger sausage, pan fried potatoes and vegetables from the garden. watermelon for desert. my folks were in a good mood, which was good. mom told me i had lost weight and was happy with me. c and i went to bed around 10:30 and slept in until about that 10 this morning. it was so GREAT. it sprinkled last night, which was odd for LA in june, but it was nice. my parent’s house is so quiet and the beds are so comfortable, that you get a great night sleep here. both my parent’s are at work today so we’ve had the whole day to ourselves. we had coffee (kona coffee, too!) in bed and finally got up around noon. we took a walk to a local coffee shop and had lunch. i talked to two of my girlfriends and made an executive decision to have them over for dinner tonight. c and i then walked down to a shopping center and did a little shopping at a great art store. we walked by the grocery store where there was a starbucks (yipee!) inside and got a tasty coffee treat. now we’re just chilling. dad recently bought a hdtv so i’m watching cops in high definition. it’s sweet. still no cable for them, but that’s okay. theyr’e so bizarre. but whatever. i like my parent’s home. it’s very homey. very lived in. very unlike c’s parent’s home which is so unlived in. so cold and unwelcome. nothing is ever out of place. i’m always afraid to sit down or ruin something. i wonder how the big kitty is doing. he’s a little houdini now. he figured out how to open doors and is able to get out of his room and into our bedroom….oh…there’s the phone. gotta pick mom up from work!

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  1. Posted by down_not_out on June 10, 2006 at 12:17 pm

    I understand. I’m in Charlotte now and miss Atlanta terribly.

    Best wishes,

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