it’s election day…did you vote? i didn’t…

um…so today is election day. did ya all know that? i totally forgot. yup. flat out forgot. pretty sad, too. i have voted in every election since i turned 18 and it totally skipped my mind. not one single person that i work with knows it’s election day. it’s unbelievable. no one has an ‘i voted’ sticker on. no one is wearing patriotic outfits. it’s just another normal day in la la land. i know it’s only a primary, but it’s still important.

maybe i’m just so burned out on politics, or that this place is so friggen green, that my vote will rock everything to shreds. okay, maybe not, but most of the folks running for office here are in the green party. the town isn’t even decked out in political regalia. no flags are flying, no blue haired ladies have their garages open, manning polling stations. nope. just another day in sad oblivion. c didn’t even vote today.

my last election day was wild. just wild. i don’t even remember all of it. i know i had a smashing time. i’ve even been told as much. we partied like the rock stars that we were. long gone are those days, for sure. now i live this ho hum life that i want despartly out of.

i’m sick of this job and want something that challenges me. something creative. something that will make me happy. not something that makes my will to live wither away. i toy with the thought of opening my own business, but don’t know what that would be. a flower shop? a bakery? a card shop? naw…too much work. i would need too many employees. too much money. maybe i could partner with someone? i don’t know. maybe market my greeting cards? maybe sell those at already established businesses, like flowergirl’s shop or the spa that i love.

i just want out of this place. i hate being around helpless, hopeless people who have no dreams or aspirations of becoming something better than they are.


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