it’s finally friday

aaahh…relaxing. just what i have been trying to do. the massage i got on wednesday was sooo good. i sat in the hot tub at the spa before the massage and fell asleep on the table~i’ve never done that before~it was delicious.

i went to the wednesday night meeting and got home late. it was a birthday meeting so a lot of people spoke. yesterday i went to the gym after work with a girl from work. the gym totally kicked my ass. i thought i was all tough and could handle the the eliptical machine just fine. nope. it handled me. i only could do 25 minutes, then dropped like a fly.

i went home, changed, and went to a meditation meeting. i always like that meeting. it was sort of small last night and i gal i really like chaired the meeting. we agreed to hang out today after i got off work.

c had several allergy attacks last night so he ended up sleeping on the couch. i didn’t get much sleep, either. i didn’t really feel so great this morning that i almost called in sick. but i had SO much to do today so i knew i couldn’t. after being at work for a while, i noticed my heart was racing and that i had forgotten to take my heart medicine so i had to run home to take it. atticus was waiting by the bedroom door for some lovin’. he’s so darling.

i had offered to help flowergirl at a wedding tomorrow, but didn’t hear from her today and my mother-in-law has been on me about a shopping trip, so i finally relented late this afternoon and agreed to go tomorrow. i am so not looking forward to that.

by the time the end of the day rolled around, i was beat, like a red headed step child. i called my friend to see if we were still on for hanging out today and we were. we hung out for almost 3 hours and it was awesome. tomorrow she’ll be sober 24 years, and she’s pretty great. i’m glad i’m slowly starting to connect with women here. tuesday was definitely the worst day i’ve had in a while. but since i shared at the meeting on tuesday, and again on thursday, i’ve felt a lot better. i’m supposed to go out with another gal from the program over the weekend for coffee, so hopefully she’ll call me.

c is at a ducks unlimited dinner tonight so it’s just me and the kitty tonight. i went to mc donalds on the way home so dinner was nice and healthy. ha.

i swear, i have the softest, most cuddly cat in the world!


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