weekend wrap-up

it’s a beautiful day….(insert u2 song here). i love days off and sleeping in. c. went to work this morning to catch up on things so i’m home alone with the kitty. the sun is shining, there’s a law and order marathon on usa and the coffee is good. i’m not going to do anything today that requires effort.

we went to my friends wedding on saturday and it was really nice. the church was just up the street and the reception was down the road from our house, so we walked there. it was really windy, though. it got pretty chilly so i ended up wearing c’s suit coat ~ah, the chivalry~. we sat with some other friends and had a great time.

yesterday we went to the giants game. we got there really early so we could get an omar visquel bobblehead. (they were giving them out to early arrivals at the game). we had great seats, thanks to my stellar research, and watched they boys warm up. it was great. i had a huge craving to have a beer, but of course, resisted. it was pretty strong, though. hot dogs and beer make perfect game day treats. but i had a soda instead. and a hot dog. and garlic fries. and an iced tea….mmmm…

the weather was awesome, too. the ball park shielded the wind, so it was just a warm sunny perfect day in sf. we parked at the ellis/o’farrell garage and took a cab down to the ball park. i love cabs. i don’t know why. i grew to love them when i lived in sf. just something about living in the city, i guess. we walked the way back. it was hard not to go into any of the shops in union square. i don’t know what was calling me more…the beer or the shopping! luckily, i resisted both.

c got really sunburned, but i just tanned. i thought i would burn, but i didn’t. c turned a nice shade of crimson. he’s got a wicked farmers tan going now. 🙂

the best part of the game was when Barry Bonds hit his 715th ball out of the park. it was great. he beat Babe Ruth’s record of 714 and the crowd went absolutely wild. orange, black and silver streamers shot out the stands and fireworks went off behind the big screen scoreboard. it was pretty awesome. it was cool to be a part of history. it was great, actually. we’ll even get an ” i was there” pin if we show our game day ticket at one of the giants dugout stores. pretty cool.

so i had the strangest dream last night. jessica simpson was somehow my friend and was helping me revamp my wardrobe. oh, and nick leshay (sp?) was staying with me for a while. i have no idea what city this was taking place in, as everything looked odd to me. it was really bizarre. maybe i’m reading us weekly too much….


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