deep breath

so i’m home today just because i felt like taking a day off. it’s so great. i got to sleep in and wake up to coffee already made and not a thing to do…well, i could clean the house and do laundry, but i don’t want to get ahead of myself. the best part of being home right now is that i get to watch trashy tv. right now i’m watching maury. it’s great. so trashy. like a bad car wreck, i can’t look away.

big kitty just took a dump, so i guess i’ll clean his box. again. he has found a secret hiding space somewhere in the house…and we have no idea where it is. sneaky sneaky.

i went to a much needed meeting last night. i hadn’t been all week and i was pretty fussy (and wearing my new fussy shirt, of course!) so it really helped. it was a spiritual meditation meeting and was great. people with good sobriety usually attend and i get a lot out of going. i need to work on my spirituality some more and maybe i’ll do that today. i seem to get lost a lot in that regard. i need to calm my inner voices and just relax. i’ve been really wound up this week and have no idea why. hopefully this time off (4 whole days!) will help….

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