how is it sunday already??

So here’s a photo of me and my girlfriends from college. We met up a few weekends ago and I hadn’t seen them since college…oh, about 7 years ago. It was so fun to see them. We’re all married now and as you can see, one of them has a baby now too. I am so lame because the battery in my camera (a 35mm film camera at that!) ran out months ago and I never replaced it so I had to buy one of those cheap disposable cameras. The photos didn’t come out very well and they don’t email well at all. The actual photos that I got developed look much like the one above. Very grainy and dark.

I am on a mission to get a digital camera asap. I would really like to get an elph. Maybe I can convince my dad to look for one for me. He loves to find bargins on technology. He got me my laptop for a great deal because he knows just where to look. He got me my first bose radio the same way, too. I’d love to have the digital before we go to Hawaii.

So I was supposed to do Bay to Breakers today. I decided not to go. I didn’t have anyone to run it with, or walk as the case would most likley have been, and it’s raining. And it’s a huge drunk fest so I’m glad I opted out. One day I’ll do it, though.

I went to a bridal shower in the City yesterday. It was at a Caribbean place and it was more like lunch with some lingere. There were only 9 of us, including the bride, her sister and her mom. One of my other girlfriends was there, too, but she and I aren’t that close to the bride. The bride is a girlfriend of a guy C went to grad school with and my friend went to grad school with the groom as well. Anyhow, I mostly talked to my other girlfriend and we shared a bunch of tapas. The food was good. Everyone was mellow, so that was nice. I think only one of the other girls is actually going to the wedding (besides the sister and mom) since it’s in the Virgin Islands. I didn’t tell her that we’re going to Hawaii this summer as I didn’t want to hurt her feelings that we’re goint to the Hawaii wedding and not to hers. She got some fun lingere and I had bought the same thing as another girl so she’ll get to pick another outfit.

After the shower I hung out with my other girlfriend for a while. She has the most awesome apartment in the City. It costs her an arm and a leg, but that’s what a good place in the City will do. She’s thinking about moving, but at least she’s lived there for a while so she got to live in the greatness for a while. But no matter where she lives, I know it’ll be darling. She’s just got that kind of personality.

It’s totally pouring rain right now and it’s lovely. Everything smells fresh and lush. I cut roses this moring from the garden and they’re all over the house. But now we have to watch the crazy cat so he doesn’t eat them. HA.

We had a wierd brunch at C’s folks house earlier today. His brother was home for a wedding and since his bday is a few weeks away, his mom decided it were were going to celebrate today. So, we had another awkward visit. Luckily his mom wasn’t drinking this morning, but it was still odd. We all sat in the living room and ate salmon and creme cheese on crakers while drinking orange juice out of wine glasses.

We made uncomfortable small talk and then moved to the dining room where seating was yet again assigned.

Surprisingly, I actually got to sit next to C today. That usually never happens. We had quiche and blackberry muffins. That was it.

Seriously. That was all that was served.

Gifts were opened and more awkwardness ensued. We gave him a funny card we made this morning and some money. I think both of the Grandmother’s gave him money as well. Money is nice and all, but way to make an effort, people! We got out of there in less than 2 hours, so at least we have the rest of the day.

Since the cat woke us up at an ungodly hour this morning and it’s raining so I’m not going grocery shopping, it’s time for me to take a nap! Now where’s my blanket?….


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