why don’t you try something new, for a change?

so i finished my book last night. again, i like the writing, but not so much the context. (sorry k, who recommended it to me) the gal, ashley, had a bridal shower, and was embarressed that it was to be a lingere shower. actually, she was more aghast than anything that someone would actually have something like that. i mean, come on. that is so normal to have one. i’m even going to one tomorrow. at a resturant for pete’s sake.

anyhow, my whole take on this series is that it’s too christian for me. i’m clearly not as conservative and naive as she is and never will be, nor do i understand that mentality. you can’t go thru life being afraid of trying new things or of doing things that you don’t understand.

it’s like never leaving the town you grew up in. i can’t understand that, either. regardless of how large or small your town is, you’ve got to get out at some point. get out, see the world, try new things, and then move back if you have to. you have to grow at some point. you have to learn to rely on yourself and not be so consumed by everyone else. you have to let go of your parents hopes and dreams and create some for yourself. on your own. without help. you don’t have to travel the world, just get out of what you know and try something different. if you’re stuck in a rut, do something to change it, don’t just sit there and talk about it.

i have a few friends that have never left the city they grew up in, they still live either with their parents or really close to them, and have no desire to go anywhere else. i feel sad for them. maybe since i’m not that close to my own parents, maybe i just don’t understand. but for some reason, i don’t think that’s it. what’s even sadder, is that they haven’t even really experienced the cities that they live in. they stay in their own little world, which i guess is fine, but they just don’t realize that they are missing out on so much.

it makes their lives so small and closed. at least they’re happy, i guess. ignorance is bliss, they say, but it’s sad. there’s so much they will never experience. i guess what’s even sadder to me is that they look down their noses at the things they don’t understand because they have never experienced them. and it’s not just some of my friends who do that, it’s people in general.

my mother-in-law is like that as well, but she is a totally different story all together. can’t (and won’t) even pump her own gas, for christ sake! but i won’t start on her right now. i don’t have enough time, or energy for that.

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  1. Posted by Sally on May 20, 2006 at 4:33 am

    Hey there…it’s KW…I’m bummed you didn’t like the book as much as I thought you would. I have a different take on it. I didn’t think Ashley was naive at all, she just had some very strong beliefs that she didn’t back down on. I also don’t think you can just be a little Christian, or too much Christian…you’re Christian or you’re not.

    She’s definitely conservative…but I don’t think she was naive. I think that maybe she knew her limits and set up lines that she wouldn’t cross and she stuck to it. I did the same thing in college…looking back, there were a couple lines I shouldn’t have drawn so far out (those are the things I regret doing, like inviting the guy from the Flats back to my house right after I met him)…I still didn’t cross my line, I just drew it wrong!

    I think Ashley has a VERY full life, and she’s fine without the other things like pre-marital sex and drinking (things that have gotten a lot of people in trouble)…she had enough to worry about with her shopping habit and expensive car and dog! =)

    I learned a lot from my experiences, good and bad, but I don’t think I would be any less than who I am if I would have followed a life like Ashley did instead of what I did.

    On another note, a good friend of mine spent several years after college in the EXACT place that Ashley lives, she even went to the church that Ashley’s church is based on. But my friend didn’t live her life like Ashley did, and she regrets some of those things now. Of course, she’s happily married with 2 gorgeous baby girls, so she wasn’t wrecked by it.

    I admire how strong willed Ashley is…it takes a lot to stand up to people about your beliefs…especially when they have to do with religion.

    You might enjoy the Theodora series better…not quite as conservative, and the British humor is hilarious!!

    By the way, I’m not as educated as I’d like to be about religion and the Bible, etc., but if you ever want to talk more about it, or whatever, I’m here!

  2. Posted by shell on May 22, 2006 at 7:18 am

    All right, so maybe not naive, but I’m still not into her much. You are right that she sticks to her convictions, which is a good quality, but to me, those convictions are old and outdated. But that’s just me. Obviously they work fine for her.

    I’m much more of a free spirit and feel that she’s missing a lot by limiting herself. But, then again, I have a problem with alcohol and am 8 months sober today and she has not idea what alcohol tastes like. But you don’t become an alcoholic just because you drink. I could go into the whole thing where Jesus turns water into wine…to show that Christians do drink and all the bible really says is to be careful of how much we drink, not that we shouldn’t drink.

    Ashley does have a full life, but so much of her life revolves around her church. For me that’s not too healthy. I believe that having faith is good, but it shouldn’t be the only thing in your life and should not command the things you do and how you going about doing them. I am more spiritual than Christian. I believe in a higher power, but belive that there is more than just one.

    I was raised Roman Catholic and have been baptized, had my first communion, been confirmed and married all under the church doctrine. And while I understand the church know quite a bit about Catholisim and other religions (having studied various religious throughout college) I know what I believe.

    I also know that the bible was written by man and is an interpretation of what happened.

    I have a hard time having others tell me what I should believe and what I should feel and being chastized if I do not comply with their ways. I also find that many that call themselves Christian are much more judgemental than those that do not.

    Since stepping away from the chruch several years ago and finding my own spirituality, I am happier. I do like the Catholic Chruch and all of its tradition, but there is a lot I disagree with.

    I honor and respect religion, but organized religion is just not for me. Right now at least.

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