so i just ordered myself the best t-shirt…it’s red and has says fussy across the chest. so perfect! i can’t wait for it to arrive. i ordered it off another blog that i frequent, fussy, and it’s great. too bad i can’t wear it to work. heh.

so today is mr. fp’s bday. i was nice and went and got him some dark chocolate ’cause i know how much he likes it and we’ve been getting along much better these days. i also went and got a card for everyone to sign, which is normal. anyhow, i guess i pissed someone off by getting the card as someone else was intending to do so. well, since she hadn’t done so by 10 am, i took the initiative to do so. besides, mr. fp is my boss, not hers. anyhow, he loved the chocolate and was very kind and thankful.

so now, we just got some lame email about a birthday coordinator group. they want everyone in the department to contribute $20 so we can all participate in everyone’s birthday. lame. i don’t want to pay to hang out with people i don’t like. i’m fine with just signing a card, wishing a colleague a happy birthday, and leaving it at that. if i like a colleague a little more, and will then get them something on my own, like i have done for mr. fp today and another gal a few months ago. i don’t like being forced into something like that, so i’m protesting and not participating.

speaking of birthday’s i just went and bought mr. fp a princess cake. he wanted to get a yummie cake and i offered to take him ’cause he didn’t have his car today. when we got to the pastry shop, i decided to spring for it ’cause it’s silly to have to buy your own cake and we’re getting along much better these days and i also LOVE pirincess cake. i had them write ‘happy birthday’ on it for him, too. i can’t wait to have some later.

this place is so kooky, i swear, but i’m trying really hard not to let it bother me anymore. they’re not worth my time or energy.

so i’ve been reading this new-to-me series about this gal, Ashley Stockingdale, and i have mixed reviews. i like the story and the way it is written, but it’s a little too christian for me. while i am spiritual and believe in a higher power, the book is a bit much. the gal in the book is 31 and still a virgin, doesn’t drink and is really conservative. i can’t relate to any of that and it just makes me think that she’s missing out on so much. but, she has a cool job, a great car and a great shopping habit ~ much like mine ~ so there are things i like about it. her family is quirky and reminds me of mine so i like that, too.

reading puts me in a good place. i love reading about different places and different people, especially when their lives are different than mine, but i do like to be able to relate to them too.

eek…late for a meeting…gotta run!


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