coffee good. mochker better. must have mochker today. don’t want to walk across the street to get one, though. big delima. must gain motivation to go get one. mmmm.

could not get out of bed, again, this morning. crazy cat was meowing so damn loud this morning. started way too early. had to get up and shush him, but then didn’t want to get up. bed was too warm. the fog had rolled in last night to the land was blanketed with white fluff. made it to work only 2 mintues late today. don’t want to be here, want to be back in bed. with a mochker.

the weekend can’t come soon enough. this week is dragging. going to the city this weekend. supposed to do a race on sunday, but don’t know if i want to anymore. it’s bay to breakers and it’s sort of a mess, and a big drunk fest, so don’t know if i want to deal with that at 7 in the am. we’ll see. have a girlie afternoon on saturday then staying the night in the city for fun. c might come down and join me at the hotel. that would be nice, like a mini holiday. maybe if he does, i won’t do the race. race is a loose term, as i won’t really be running since there will be way too many people. and it might rain this weekend. definitly don’t want to do it in the rain.

ha. i wrote do it.

okay, going to get a mochker now. have the strength.


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