want tickets to my gun show?

so my upper arms are killing me today. in fact, i’m selling tickets to my gun show. want one? heh heh. i lifted so much yesterday, that my guns are getting big.

yesterday, i worked for seven hours straight, with no breaks, delivering things to various rooms on property. at least i had flats on. but i was wearing black slacks, so that sucked since it was so hot out and i was outside a lot.

anyhow, it was all overtime pay for me, so that’s awesome. plus, i get extra money for all the deliveries i made, so that’s great, too. i’m just thrown off now, thinking that it’s tuesday rather than monday.

and flowergirl came by a day early, too, so that really threw me off.

but, she brought me my most favorite flowers in all the world…sterling roses. the are the best, ever. and she brought me some gorgous red and yellow ones too. yipee.

mr. fp let me come in an hour later today which was so awesome. that hour makes such a difference in the morning. i hate getting her at 7, even though that means i get to leave at 3:30.


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