beautiful memories

so yesterday was great. it was SO good to see my girlfriends. the day went by in a flash and i was sad when it was over. we poured through pictures from college and had lot’s of great laughs. i can’t believe how silly we looked, and we thought we had it all together! two of us had big ol’ glasses on..thank god we discovered contacts!

and i won’t even start on our clothes. we had gone through a ‘cowgirl’ stage and those rough riders (jeans) were so high, they practically went up to our boobs! it was funny. so glad we have much better fashion sense now!

the baby was darling, he’s only 2 months old. makes me sort of want to have one too. sort of. i still have to deal with the biggest baby of all, c.

he has allergies really bad right now, but refuses to take allergy medicine because he doesn’t like to take anything. grrr. he need more than just claritin, but won’t admit it. so now i have to suffer because he is so full of snot all the time.

i’m at work right now and it’s so pretty out that i wish i wasn’t here. not like i ever wish to be at work, of course, but it would be better if it wasn’t so damn nice out. but, at least i got to sleep in today. mr. fp is only a little fussy so far, but the day is young. we’ve already had a little drama this morning, but it quickly passed. well…there goes my cell phone…

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