flash back!

so i’m getting ready to see two of my girlfriends from college. i haven’t seen one of them since my wedding, almost three years ago, and the other one in seven years. i’m driving over to one of their houses, which incidently, is right where i used to live and the sad thing is we never go together when i lived there, and we’re going to lunch. the other friend was in town all week for a work seminar.

anywho i’m really looking forward to seeing them.

i’m bringing photos of a trip two of us went on years ago. it’s so fun to see how much we’ve changed. and all for the good, too. we had short hair, big glasses and some crazy style. i’m bringing my camera today, too.

one of the girls has a baby and all of us are married. pretty wild.

i’m going to be only a few block away from where lestat lives, so hopefully i won’t run into him, or i’ll never hear the end of it.

k…gotta run. will write more later!

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