happy may day

i so did not want to get up this morning. i had washed the sheets and put them on the bed just before bedtime last night so i had an extra delicious sleep last night. everything was so fluffy and comfy and c was in a good mood, extra cuddly, so i really didn’t want to leave my warm nest. even atty was quiet. but, alas, i got my lazy ass out of bed.

i took a long bath last night with new bath salts so i didn’t have to get up and shower this morning. the weather was fantastic this past weekend ~ the 80’s all weekend. i washed my car yesteday for the first time in i can’t even remember how long. it was so nice to be out in the sun. my shoulders are a bit red today, but it’s well worth it. my car is smiling so big right now.

c planted a veggie garden yesteday and i’m so excited. hopefully everything will take. my roses are about to bloom.

i went on a hunt with c on saturday. now, i normally never go, but this time i decided it would be fun. we went at about 4:30 in the afternoon up to his friend’s ranch. we rode a 4 wheeler around, scouting for turkeys. we got off after a while and hiked up a mountain. it was soo steep. we walked almost 2 miles. it was so awesome up there. we a few turkeys, but c didn’t fire a shot. and we saw tons of bunnies. he’s not allowed to shoot those. ever. the view was amazing. he even held my had when parts got really steep. i told him that meant a lot to me ~ the handholding ~ because it showed to me that he cared. that he wanted me to be there. it’s just the small things like that that mean so much to me.

mr. fp is on fire today. he always gets this way when he has a big group in. luckily, things between us are better and we’re working quite well together these days. at least i think things are better…i try to have my lavender mist on hand to spray at him when he gets a little fussy. or a lot fussy. it’s my secret weapon, and surprisingly, it works pretty well. others are now asking for a spritz when they are a bit fussy. anything i cand do to help, folks. that’s what i’m here for.

tweedledee showed up in the most hideous outfit today. she looks like a german reject girl. she’s wearing a black pleated skirt with a flower pattern cut into the bottom (luckily, the skirt goes to her knees this time), a white top and a white bolero type jacket with a different flower pattern cut into the sleeves and bottom, all outlined in clear sequins. to top all that off, she’s not wearing stockings, something that is required of us, and that is just hideous. her legs are enormous and very white, so it’s really bad. she’s so excited by her outfit today that she’s doing little twirs around the office. it’s not a pretty picture. at all.

i commented to her that she’s not wearing any stocking, and she said

“well, i put on self tanner, so i figure as long as my legs are shaved and moisturized, it’s okay.”

eww. no, it’s not. her legs totally jiggle every time she moves. it’s so bad. she is so large that her whole outfit is inappropriate. but no one has the courage to say anything to her because she is so damn sensitive that she would probablly break down into tears.


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