a strange sense of gratitude

so today i’m grateful. the past few days have put a few things into perspective for me. i am grateful i am not like the two gals in the tales that follow. i am grateful that i dun gone to college and got me an edumacation and understand how and when to use the english language appropriately. yes, my spelling is bad, but that’s minor. i’m also grateful that i have a good, sassy head on my shoulders and can think for myself. i am grateful to have girlfriends who love me no matter how kookie i get. and most importantly, i am grateful the sun is out today and it’s supposed to be 80!

yesterday evening i chatted online with a girlfriend from high school. she is living in michigan and you would think she never graduated high school. or took an english class. she has the worst grammar ever and the most improper use of the english language that it just hurts.

maybe part of it is that she dropped out of high school to have a kid and shortly after that she moved to michigan to live with her folks (don’t ask me why she was out in california for high school). and she works at a factory. well, sometimes she works at a factory, when she’s not collecting welfare. oh yes. it’s true. and when she’s not doing that, she’s fighting with her boyfriend who “is so much older” by a whopping 6 years. um…she’s 33. 39 is really not that much older. she also complains that since he’s a country boy and she’s a city girl, he doesn’t understand how hard it is for her to get a job working at a factory.


but he has a job as an electrical engineer, so i guess he just doesn’t understand anything at all. it just baffles me.

she’s also the same girl that when she got preggers in high school, she totally found a family to adopt her kid and pay for her to go to the doctor and deliver the kid and at the very last minute possible, she decided to keep the kid. now if that’s not awful, i don’t know what is. i cannot imagine the pain the adoptive family went through.

needless to say, she and i lost touch for a number of years and only recently got back in touch. i just can’t believe her mentality. and she’s a total self proclaimed dumb blonde, too. it’s like she’s proud of being dumb. dumb whisky tango. yes, that’s mean.

her ‘older’ boyfriend just kicked her out of the house and made her move back in with her parents and is refusing to talk to her until she grows up and gets a job. wtf? who does that? break up all ready. this back and forth nonsense is silly. either make it work, or end it. every time i talk to her, she’s fighting with this guy.

she keeps wanting my phone number so she can call me, but i keep ‘forgetting’ to give it to her. i really don’t want to be on the phone listening to the drama. if that makes me a bad person, so be it. i think we already established that i’m a bit offf.

son on another random note, one of the fashion victims just got to work after going to file papers for a divorce. she’s not that bright, either. she went to another town because she didn’t even think of going to the court house here and apparently got the run around there and can’t understand why filing for a divorce is so difficult. um..you’re supposed to stay married. no one said marriage was easy. why should filing be easy? she doesn’t have a very good relationship track record either so maybe that’s making things more difficult for her as well. yes, i am being awfully judgemental today. so what? they’re my thoughts.

oh, so some guy walked up to my desk this morning and said to me in a deep southern drawl

“what are you doing there on that computer?”


“you’re always typing away every time I walk by”

“yes, i have a lot of work to do”

“oh, you’re a … (reading the little sign on my desk), so I guess you do have a lot to do”


wtf is that? um, no, dude. i’m surfing the internet, looking at porn. i just don’t get people. and stop looking at my breasts. now go away and spend time with your wife.


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