i am so fucking irritated today and i have no idea why. everyone around me is just bugging the crap out of me. i’ve been this way since yesterday. well, not that i think about it, since sunday, really. i guess i shouldn’t say that everyone has been bugging me, but just most people. maybe i’m more sensitive this week. i’m not even pmsing or anyting. i think people are acting more idiotic this week, or something. or maybe it’s just me. i think i’m just tired of people. especially those that try to pry. i hate that. i’m in a mood. leave me alone. trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

and i’m so damn sick of the freaking weather. the sun will appear for a few seconds, then dissapear behind the clouds, leaving it cold and clammy outside. when i left the house this morning the whole valley was covered in a thick blanket of fog. the sun is out now and i only hope it stays out.

i’m drinking crappy coffee right now which isn’t helping much, either. at least it’s wednesday. two days closer to the weekend.

yesterday i had to take my fussy pill, it was getting that bad. i try not to take them, but sometimes, i’ve just got to. at least c hasn’t been fussy. i just need a whole day to myself, then i think i’ll be better.

i went to a meeting both monday and tuesday and it didn’t do much for me. i felt better after, and much enjoyed the socializing, but it wasn’t much more than that. i enjoy the people i see on mondays and tuesdays. i shared at the meeting yesterday. sometimes people there are just too winey for me. i know we all have problems, but hell, if you keep complaining about the same problems over and over, they are never going to go away or get any better. just deal with it!


i haven’t been to the gym since it’s been too cold to swim and i don’t feel like working out inside. i did sign up for two foot races in for may and june, so i’ll definitely have to get in shape for those.

i got a package from my cousin yesterday. i was so excited. he sent me some of my favorite treats from germany. i’m trying not to gobble up all the delicious things so i will have them for a little while, but i don’t think i have that much restraint. he also sent me some awesome face cream and a cd. woo hoo! i need to send him something fun now, too.

fng isn’t at work today because her dog is sick. i don’t think she has worked a full day since she started here. i know moving to a new town is a big deal, but it seems like she always has something come up that requires her to leave part way through the day or come in totally late. whatever. when she’s not here, i don’t have to deal with her, so that’s good for me.

mr. fussypants took half of monday and all of yesterday off. he’s in a great mood today, so far, so that makes me happy. he got some over the past few days, which means he should be in a good mood for the whole day, especially since fng isn’t here either and i think she bugs him, too.

i finished reading a book last night, The Family Daughter, by Maile Maloy, so now i need something new to read. Anyone have any good recomendations???


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