drip drip drop little april shower…

okay, so it’s more like torrential rain rather than just a shower. the wind is howling and the sky is so dark. the rain is running down the windows in silver rivulets shielding my sight from the outside.

my office space is warm and cozy since i am using a co-workers space heater. flowergirl has left me two gorgeous arrangements on my desk that cheer up my dreary work space. purple freesia and white lilys. so happy and fragrant.

c and i are going away for the easter weekend and i can’t wait. we’re going down to slo for the weekend and are staying at great mineral spring resort. i just extended our stay to include thursday night so we will now have two and a half days there. we’re both really looking forward to going. every room at the resort has its own mineral hot tub. yay! plus we love that area. we met there while we were going to college so it has fun memories for us.

flower girl is going to take care of atty while we’re gone. i know he’ll be in good hands with her. she has two kitties of her own so i know she will be loving and tender with my little one. i was going to ask another friend, but she’s a little more rough and loud, so i think that she would scare little atticus a bit more.

oh, i can’t wait for this weekend to come!

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