monday mayhem

what a day today has been. first off, i could not get out of bed this morning. i seriously hit the alarm for almost an hour until i finally rolled out of bed at 6:20 am. as i stood in the shower, letting the warm steam envelop me, i slowly woke up. the warm water soothed my sleepy skin and the bath gel woke my senses. i had fun with new hair products i got this weekend ~ i discovered a salon in town that sells bumble & bumble..yipee!~ so i was off to a very slow start.

even still, i was only 10 minutes late to work.

but, as soon as i got there, trouble began. or i should say, it had already begun. my desk had been moved, well, actually, the whole area in which i sit had been totally rearanged. but to make matters worse, my desk weights about 500 lbs, so there was no way i could move it by myself. anyhow, it took me the better part of 20 minutes to get everything back in order.

the day went mostly quietly after that, well, until about lunchtime. one of the fashion victims kept asking me to do random things for her ~ things she could have totally done herself ~ but kept having me do them instead. i got sassy with her after the third thing she asked me, especially since she never gives me a deadline or why she needs something done. she backed off after that.

later, fng totally got in my face. she actually yelled at me. i totally wanted to lash back, but didn’t. i don’t need to waste my energy on her. she just totally looks at me like i’m some dumb kid. i can totally feel it. she’s way too old to be working and is just bitter about it. i know she doesn’t respect me,but that’s fine. i don’t respect her since she treats everyone like they are beneath her.

i finally left work and attempted to run some errands. i went to 3 different places to get some alterations done, and no one was available! i know this is a small town, but come on! i’m little so i desparetly need some pants hemmed. guess i can learn how to do them myself….

so after giving up after the third place, i decided to get a pedicure. well, the place i went to had already sent the manicurist home for the day…before 3:30! humph.

then i went to rite aid to get some film developed, and the one hour photo machine was broken so i had to send my film out. yes, i know. i really should get a digital camera.

but then i saw the happy green sign of starbucks. starbucks never lets me down. i had a yummy ….hehehehhehehhe my cat is farting !! haha. okay, i’m a 5 year old. oh that totally made me lol~ so anyway, my coffee drink is yummy and now i’m enjoying the antics of atticus. so, the day has ended well…well, it’s not over yet, but it’s going pretty well right now…


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