i’m doing the happy dance ’cause it’s friday

it’s friday! yayayayyayayay!

so i got a bit of a slow start this morning because the bed was way too warm. checked in on atticus and he was meowing away behind a box in my office. it’s like his not so secret hiding place. he had quite the adventurous night as the pillows and blankets were off the couch and on the floor, a candle was in the middle of the floor and his bed, which he still has yet to go in, was across the room from where it was the night before. i got into the shower and when i got out, had no idea what to wear, as usual, so that took a bit of time as well. atty seemed amused my the amount of shoes i have and tried, unsucessfully, to get into my closet. i can only imagine trying to get him out of there!

i finally made my way to work and got into a freezing space. the only way my area gets heat is if the ajoining conference room has its heat on. well, yesterday i went to turn the heat on to oh, about 71 and got yelled at by old complainer. it was ridiculous. she said i was waisting heat. okay, i can understand that the big room gets heated as well as my area, but come on. do you expect me to freeze everyday? oh, you do? fine. be a bitch. she then proceeded to give me a lecture on energy conservation. you would have thought that it the money to pay for the bill was coming out of her measly paycheck. then she told me she would report me to the facilities department if i touched the heat again. nice. so today, when i got in, i naturally walked over to turn on the heat, and the control box had been locked. by her. bitch! my space is about, oh, 50 degrees. it sucks. really bad. everyone else has heat in their offices and i am stuck without. it’s lame. and i have been campaigning for a small space heater but have been told on numerous occasions that i can’t have one. so i’m really ready for it to be warm outside. this is getting old. i’m mostly pissed because she locked me out of the damn box. it’s not like i turn the heat up to 80! plus, since the heat is turned off at, like 5 pm, and it has been freezing overnight, you can only imagine how cold it is in here when i get in a 7 am. again, all i can say is, thank god it’s friday.


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